About Us

The Mahal

“Mahal” (/mɛˈɦɛl/), meaning “a mansion or a palace” is the perfect setting for an all new Indian restaurant in Cheltenham.
As one would expect, glamour, opulence, sensational food and superior service all converge to give our guests a wonderful and memorable dining experience.
Our award winning chefs only use the best quality seasonal produce to create a rotating menu based on traditional favourites and innovative conceptions of their own.

The Mahal History

How our majestic building became the The Mahal of today.

“Eagle lodge” was built in 1838 on land which was part of the manor of Cheltenham and was owned by richard Fox, a timber merchant. In 1897, Eagle House was sold for £1005 to a William Wyatt; the surviving sale particulars give a fascinating despcriptions of a house as it was at the time.
After the next ownership by a Mr Kerr, the last private owner was Edwin Macaulay, who lived there from 1922 until he sold it to the owners of the Langton Hotel (where the tower block now stands) after the war.
The hotel management intended to use it as an extension to the Langton, but the sudden death of their manager caused them to sell it off to another hotelier. It was then run separately as the Montpellier Hotel under several owners. The last was Mrs Meredith, the of FW Meredith, a well-known pioneer in flight control system, who worked at Smiths Industries. She sold it to Eagle Star in 1965 as part of the company’s acquisition of the Bath Road site. Renamed Eagle Lodge, in it’s early days it was used as a staff hostel.